Start to work on developing good habits in children should be as early as possible.

For example, you can teach yourself to fall asleep in his bed without motion sickness it is better to start before your child turns a year. Over time, it is appropriate to teach it each time to wash hands before eating, clean up toys after playing and before bed, and later to teach the words of courtesy such as “thank you”, “please”, the first to greet on the street, in the store with the senior … when the baby gets older, give place to older people in transport, to help the old and infirm, to keep promises, etc.

The earlier you start to make efforts to have some skill became a habit, automatically, the fastest and best results can be achieved.

Habit easier to assimilate, if an adult will show an example to follow. It is difficult to teach a toddler to wash their hands, back from the street, brushing teeth morning and evening, not showing how you are doing, and only telling them what to do correctly. Actions are remembered much better than words!

A habit cannot be formed with taming, it should be a conscious skill, not a reflex.

teach a child good privatanleger to teach children on their own without a reminder not just to wash their hands, but also to understand why it is important to do, namely, the realization that I did everything right, it should make them happy. Therefore tell the children that one should not be polite, neat, caring and respect for others. And all beautifully made action often praise that the child was pleased so to please their parents.

Take the view that nothing comes easy – that skill was fixed, it is necessary to repeat it many and many times, perfecting it and honing. Do not rush and take your time on this – in the end, parenting is actually a lengthy process.

The acquisition of habit is not a child almost no effort, but it requires heavy effort on the part of his parents. And indeed it is. It’s just that these efforts are fully justified and worth the effort.

Brought to automatism the process will free up time for creativity, improvement and development. Besides, every good habit is improving and a good education. When you realize that your children are able to do the right thing without your reminders and instructions, then you can be confident that you raised them right!

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