Cheerleader Merry has ended the season due to left-handed problems

“The pain persists for several months, so I decided to crack down on it and start to address it radically,” said a 22-year-old native of Příbram. Earlier on his instagram account, he announced: “Last month I felt desperate for a while because I had to give up many matches and tournaments. Now I’m going to be 100 percent healthy. ”

He is currently in the care of Professor Paul Kolar, who is trying to find out the cause of the trouble. So far, he does not know exactly what his problem is. “The pain moves, once in the forearm and then in the elbow. And he does not know why. I’m waiting for a diagnosis, “said Veselý.

The possible cause is a damaged nerve. At the Cincinnati tour he had acupuncture. “My hand was rustling, probably overloaded.I went to the physiotherapists and a little tired of my nose. But if he does have a connection with that, he bookmakers offer does not know exactly what is being speculated, “he said.” The 51st player in the world ranked last in the Tashkent challenger, but he had to give up the eighth. “The pain was rising and it was a pain, although I do not like it much, otherwise it did not work,” he said with his left hand playing “Merry.” He was originally supposed to go to the ATP tournament in Moscow instead of taking off to Russia. he advised the doctors. He also recalled the start in Vienna. “We tried and tried it, but it was not. Better to take this step than to unnecessarily put the skin on the market and scream again.That’s not quite right, “Vesely said. Since July, he has given up four times before Tashkent in the Umag tournaments as well as Winston Salem; he has not played for the US Open against the Serbian star Novak Djokovic. “I used to have one or two career pitches before, because I do not like it and there is always a chance to break it, but this was unplayable this year,” he said. He finished the season with a total of 21 wins and 22 defeats. “It was a downward season again,” Vesely said.He started the game badly and at the beginning of February he finished with coach Tomáš Krupa and returned to Jaroslav Machovsky’s junior year.

“The introduction was tragic, but from April until July I would say there were bright moments, Meridian 1x bet has balanced and at the best moment he has declared the win over world leader Djokovic in Monte Carlo. “This is without debate and then he was a great Wimbeldon. I would have put these two results up, “said the tennis player.

The semi-finals played in Morocco and the challenger in Rome. “There are still good moments, but they were not such bombs,” Vesely said, adding: “It’s a pity that I’ve been angry with my body since July. I will definitely get the experience out of the season that I can keep up with the world’s top players.I’m still a little closer, but I did not want to take another step up. So I hope that next year it will be. ”

When he knows the cause of his problems, he takes a vacation. “In the near future I would like to get out of the heat. Even the warmth of the body will benefit more, and it will rest psychically, “he said. The premature end of the season wants to take advantage as well. “I hope to cure the injury as soon as possible and I will be able to start preparing for a few days before the others,” he said. By 2017, he plans to enter either in Doha or in Chennai in January.